Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Country Chic DIY Wreath

Have you ever seen cute wreaths and wondered where people got them or thought “I’m a broke college kid I can’t buy this!” Well I have the perfect solution to the problem. Do it yourself! Split the cost with a roommate and personalize the look with your style!

I decided to make this Country Chic Wreath for my sweet mommy’s birthday and she loved it!

Ready for a trip to Hobby Lobby or your local arts and crafts store?! Here is what you need:

  • · 16’ Natural Branch Wreath
  • · Multi Surface acrylic craft paint (color of your choice)
  • · Finishing paint (clear or glitter, to add sparkle to your world!)
  • · Wooden letters or words (you could do a cross, the letter of your last name, etc.)
  • · A bundle of fake flowers (of your choice, I used cream gardenias)
  • · Burlap ribbon
  • · Burlap string
  • · Scissors 
  • · Paint brushes

Here we go!!!

Step one: Paint your wooden pieces to the color your heart desires.

When you pick out a color, it is my advice to keep in mind the color of your front door! If green is your favorite color and your front door is red, then it will look like Christmas! 

I would do two coats of paint. With my words by the time I had painted all of them the first one was dry, so I did the coats back to back but you may have to let yours dry for a bit. 

** Notice how I recycled my lovely pizza box! Whoops, there went my diet!

Step Two: Wrap your wreath

While your second coat of paint dries wrap your wreath with the burlap ribbon. You can wrap it as close together or as far apart as you want. Let your free spirit soar! I safety pinned my end piece of ribbon on to one of the pieces that was wrapped to make sure it didn’t come undone. Make sure to leave enough ribbon for your bow!

Step Three: Simple and easy. Paint the finish on your wooden pieces.

Step Four: Flower work!

Cut the stems off of your flowers. I would say leave an inch and a half. I used 5 bundles of gardenias on my wreath. Once you cut them you put the stem into a secure place in the branches of the wreath.

Step Five: Placing the wooden pieces

Once your wooden piece have dried it’s time to place them. I used burlap string to tie them on to the wreath in my desired locations so that it read “Faith, Hope, Love” I also painted the ribbon that crossed the words the same color so it blended. 

Final Step: Hanging Bow

Make a bow with the rest of your burlap ribbon but make sure you keep at least three inches on both ends so that you can attach it to your wreath to hang it! To figure out how to tie a really pretty bow I searched it in YouTube. (I know, I know, I took the easy way out but some things are hard!)

Your Country Chic wreath is ready to be hung! Be sure to watch the people walk by your door and do a double take at the masterpiece you've created!

-Kelsey Ann

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