Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dream A Dream You Never Knew You Had

For my internship this summer, one of my tasks was to find happy news because lets face it most of the news is not happy. Along with the happy news I had to add my own segment to what we call a "Good News Break." This is what it came out to be and this is what I try to remember every single day!


I have always been a dreamer of many dreams and sometimes I took harsh criticism because I worked hard trying to make my dreams reality.

One thing I knew about dreams was that if I wanted my dreams to come true I would have to make them happen. What I didn’t know about dreams is that while working towards one dream, a new dream that you never thought you would have came develop.

A year ago I dreamed of graduating then going into the Sports Management graduate program at the University of Alabama. After graduate school I wanted to pursue a career in the NFL or college football. Today, those goals have been completely changed…for the better.

The Story 

While sitting in my first class of the Spring 2013 semester my teacher tried to intimidate us by putting on a power point presentation of students that have “made it” out of the Advertising/Public Relations department at the University of Alabama. Little did I know this presentation was not going to intimidate me but it was going to change my life.

He presented a student that had interned at the Grand Ole Opry. Right then it hit me… country music. It was like a neon sign was flashing in my face saying “THIS IS YOUR CAREER!” The dream of a sports public relations job was completely out of my mind. All I could concentrate on was country music.

I got out of class and immediately called my mom. I told her that I was going to Nashville this summer if I could get an internship. She laughed and asked me why the sports world was no longer in the picture. I honestly could not even explain it. I went back to my apartment to start looking for internships.

When I was offered the internship position at PLA Media the answer was without a doubt, YES! I knew that this opportunity was going to be life changing but I did not know the true impact it was going to make on my life. In a matter of months I have come to love the city, the job and the people I work with more than I believed was possible. I could not be more blessed and content than I am right now!

My New Dream!

Now, my dream is to graduate in May of 2014 with a degree in Public Relations and move straight back to Nashville to work within country music! I never imagined this is where I would be but my unknown dreams had bigger plans for my life!

For You!

Right now, make yourself a promise that you will never stop chasing your dreams! Always remember that even if your dreams change you have not failed! There are bigger and better dreams that you never knew you had coming your way!

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  1. LUCK is when opportunity meets action .... that is you sweet lady!! D